Topic outline

  • Fly-In Fun!


                                                                                               Thank you for joining GAIN and Advocacy Associates for our "Fun with Fly-Ins" Event! Here you'll find a follow-up course with information on fly-in scheduling, as well as some resources to help your advocates be effective in their meetings!

    If you'd like more information about fly-in scheduling services or online training, please contact us at

  • Tips and Techniques for Scheduling a Meeting

    Unfortunately, scheduling a meeting with a member of Congress isn't as easy as just calling and asking! This video provides a step-by-step process individual advocates can use for scheduling a meeting.. .

  • Things Advocates Need to Know: What to Know Before You Go Videos

    Meeting with legislators or staff people can be intimidating to those outside of Washington, DC.. Helping your advocates get rid of the jitters is a critical part of any fly-in experience. This section includes two videos outlining the 4 Keys to Effective Advocacy and the Top Ten Things Legislators and Staff Hate to Hear. These can be offered as part of a full "What to Know Before You Go" course.     

    • Advocate Homework

      "Your advocates will have FAR more effective meetings if they've done their homework ahead of time. Just a little bit of homework can go a long way. .

    • About Advocacy Associates

      If you think all (or any) of the videos are the coolest things ever, or if you think maybe we know a little bit about scheduling events, you'll find information about our scheduling services and the Advocacy Day App here!